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Downtown York is Blooming Thanks to Partnership with the Garden Club of York!

May 17, 2024 | Blog, Uncategorized

Downtown Inc announces the continuation of the beautiful collaboration between The Garden Club of York, Downtown Inc, and several community members and organizations to adorn our city streets with vibrant blooms. A total of 266 hanging baskets provided by the Garden Club of York and 114 on-street container planters, funded by Downtown Inc, were installed today, adding a splash of color and extra charm to our beautiful downtown.
A heartfelt thank you to the 50 volunteers with The Garden Club of York who dedicated their time and effort to plan and execute this project each year. We extend our gratitude to the City of York Public Works Dept. for their invaluable assistance in hanging the baskets from the posts, ensuring that our streets are beautiful from the ground all the way to the highest post. Their hard work is truly appreciated and will be enjoyed by all who visit our downtown area.
Let’s celebrate this wonderful collaboration and look forward to enjoying the blooming sights of our city streets throughout the Summer.
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