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Historically Edgy Banners Installed Throughout Downtown York

Oct 15, 2020 | Blog

Walking through Downtown York has a new feel these days thanks to the new addition of 104 historically edgy pole banners that are the result of a two year long project, spearheaded by Downtown Inc’s Project Manager, Nicholas Pullo, in partnership with the City of York, the York County Community Foundation, and downtown’s three micro-districts: Market District, Royal Square District, and WeCo District.

The idea for the new pole banners originated with the unveiling of Downtown York’s new ‘Historically Edgy’ branding in 2018 and was made possible through a 2019 grant received from the York County Community Foundation.

Spread throughout the three micro-districts of Downtown York, the work of 11 local artists are now on display with a total of 12 different designs featuring the ‘Historically Edgy’ branding as well as the branding of York City and the three individual micro-districts.

From the murals of Royal Square, the creative industrial sculptures lining George Street, the Penn Street Art Bridge, and the many historically significant murals featured on the side of buildings, Downtown is truly a public art destination. Now, with the addition of the new pole banners, visitors and residents alike can further appreciate the unleashed creativity that abounds in Historically Edgy Downtown York, PA!

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