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Downtown Inc organizes numerous community events throughout the year that are seeking sponsorship.

Why Sponsor A Downtown Inc Event?

  • Downtown Inc Signature events saw 6,875 attendees in 2022
  • website was visited over 90,000 times in 2022 with over 122,000 individual visits to webpages.
  • Downtown Inc has 28,397 followers on Facebook, 7,700 followers on Instagram, 4,800+ on Twitter, and 235 followers on TikTok.
  • Downtown Inc content reached more than 587,000 people on Facebook and 55,000 people on Instagram in 2022.
  • The Downtown Inc e-newsletter makes its way to 4,510 inboxes on a monthly basis.
  • 35,000 copies of the new Downtown York Magazine are distributed across the region annually.
Learn More About Sponsorship Opportunities

Email Casey Nixon, Director, Membership & Business Development, for more information about Sponsorship Opportunities.

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