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Public Art

Take a stroll through Downtown York and you’ll come across some interesting street architecture. Public art has evolved over the past few years from the story-telling murals and bronze war memorials to second-glance-inducing trash cans and larger-than-life, yellow, metal cats.

Celebrating Creativity

Look, as you drive by on your way to somewhere else and you might notice the silver dragon poking up from the sidewalk in front of Wagman Construction on North George Street. Stop for a minute and look a little more closely and you’ll see the gears and bearings that once comprised the manufacturing equipment that built York’s economy.

From the concrete bench outside Central Market to the old motor bike at the corner of North and George Streets, and all the pieces in between, this open-air gallery tells York’s story of an economy built on manufacturing.

But it illustrates so much more. It speaks to the enormous creativity that lives and breathes right here in York. Nine local artists contributed their time and talent to create this showcase that weaves together our manufacturing history with our innovative future and in the process, builds something bigger: a sense of place; of community pride; something that says we’re York.

Virtually Tour of Our Downtown Murals

These pieces tell our story. They speak to our heritage. They’re crafted out of the components that made up the equipment that defined York as an innovative and industrial manufacturing center. And they point to our future. Innovation, design, and creativity in downtown, throughout our city, and throughout our county. Creativity….unleashed right here in York.

Looking to take a tour of our Downtown murals, either in person or virtually? Check out the links below:

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