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Downtown Inc Announces Installation of New Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage

Feb 22, 2024 | Blog, Uncategorized

Downtown Inc, the organization working to drive, enhance, and encourage investment in Downtown York, is thrilled to announce the installation of brand-new pedestrian wayfinding signage to assist visitors in navigating between major attractions across our #HistoricallyEdgy Downtown York! Our organization has embraced the trend of enhancing pedestrian experiences through the introduction of a new wayfinding system in Downtown York. Our team has collaborated with urban designers, the City of York, and community stakeholders to implement a series of strategically placed signs aimed at guiding residents and visitors alike.

Pedestrian wayfinding goes beyond simple navigation; it plays a pivotal role in creating inclusive, accessible, and user-friendly public spaces while putting a spotlight on anchor attractions in the downtown. Effective wayfinding systems not only guide pedestrians to their destinations but also encourage exploration, foster community engagement, and contribute to a city’s identity. The pedestrian wayfinding signs are just one piece of a larger wayfinding project, spearheaded by Downtown Inc, that will include vehicular wayfinding signage. Also part of this project are the Downtown York maps, installed last year, that can be found in all York City parking garages and the Central Market lot.

Downtown Inc would like to give a special thanks to Explore York for their invaluable support in funding this project as part of their York County Tourism Grant program and to FastSigns of York and Lancaster for design and production.

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