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Downtown York Salons and Barbershops Safely Serve Customers with Bloom Grant Support

Dec 14, 2020 | Blog

From time to time, we all can use a little makeover to help us feel good about ourselves. Barbershops, hair salons, and beauty service salons provide treatment and services to customers that not only make them feel good about themselves but can be necessary for the health of their hair, scalp, and skin. The 2020 Bloom Grant funding came at a time when the salons and barbershops of Downtown York were navigating the COVID-19 restrictions. Downtown Inc was able to award a total of $115,000 of Bloom Grant funding to 30 Downtown York businesses, seven of them in the barbershop/salon service industry, to ensure that they continue to grow and thrive.

With Bloom Grant funds, Cornerstone Barbershop and Shave Parlour in the WeCo District of Downtown York was able to brighten up their building’s exterior with lighting and provide PPE to create a safe environment for staff and customers in the age of COVID-19. Cornerstone expressed, “In the personal care business you must be in close contact with clients. The Bloom Grant has enabled us to be as safe as possible.”

DiDi & Smiling John’s Barber Shop in the Royal Square District used funding from their Bloom Grant to purchase PPE to keep their employees and customers safe during appointments. Although 2020 was trying to say the least, they are back open, safely serving customers by appointment only. Recently, they even celebrated their 9th anniversary in Downtown York!

Another salon that received Bloom Grant funds in the Royal Square District was MKUP The Beauty Studio, a salon that offers classes, event makeup, and beauty services. With their Bloom Grant funds, MKUP was able to purchase PPE products to keep customers and staff safe, replenish inventory of American-based and women-owned brands and private label products, as well as train staff to come back stronger once the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.

Other Downtown York salons, barbershops, and beauty businesses that received 2020 Bloom Grants:

  • Diane and Anita’s (1 E. King St) owned by mother and daughter Duo, Diane and Anita, the salon has been serving customers in York City for 53 years.
  • Hair Depot (located in the Yorktown Mall, 137 N Duke St)
  • Next Level Barbershop (203 E Philadelphia St) To schedule an appointment, click here.
  • Tony Orr Sons & Daughters Barbershop (116 W. Philadelphia St)

The service providers of Downtown York have certainly felt the impacts of COVID-19, but with creative thinking, dedication to the safety and service of their customers, and assistance from the 2020 Bloom Grants, these Downtown York salons and barbershops were able to continue their growth while keeping their customers feeling and looking their best in the safest way. See the full list of the 30 Downtown York 2020 Bloom Grant winners, click here.

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